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Updated on 22:32:19 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time), this page is being revalidated by a webhook that fires when relevant tweets for #nextjs are made. The webhook contains a secret key that validates the request to avoid DDOS attacks:

export default async function handler(req, res) {
  // Check the secret
  if (process.env.SECRET === req.headers["x-secret-key"]) {
    // Revalidate /tweets route
    await res.revalidate("/tweets")

    // Return a response for debugging
    return res.json({ revalidated: true })

  // If secret is not correct, return 401
  return res.status(401).end()

Wow #nextjs , so I can just create some endpoints and tag them with `next.tags` and then call other endpoints and just exec `revalidateTag("stuff")` to get fresh data? And I can do this in server actions, ergo with `onClick` etc. Just wow.

🎉 Milestone Alert 🎉 The next-drupal module has crossed 1,000 site installs! Looks like the #Drupal community is falling in love with the power of decoupled Drupal. Let's continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what we can achieve. 🚀 #drupal #nextjs

I purged my newsletter to make it more web-dev-focused. Tomorrow, I'll send out a summary of my experience migrating from the #nextjs pages directory to the new app router. And my opinion if you should transition right now.

Just started learning #NextJS as a #Laravel Dev. Laravel is the best PHP Framework I've ever used and it's super simple to build anything with Laravel. Now I want to learn NextJS too which I believe can be better for #SEO and I can build sites for my #Shopify apps for marketing.

New to Next.js? Our article list is the perfect starting point! Get up to speed with this powerful framework and unleash your creativity. #Nextjs #webdevelopment #frontend

Updating my portfolio on stream. Today's task condensing my work experience into a simple timeline. #reactjs #nextjs #programming #WebDev #webdevelopment

How to Build a Blog With GHOST API & Next js #NextJs

Is there any preference between traditional functions and arrow functions in #nextjs ?

My favorite tutorial videos for coding... The Net Ninja 🥷👩‍💻 Thank you for all the amazing videos! @thenetninjauk #netninja #coding #nextjs Next.js Tutorial #1 - Introduction & Setup via @YouTube

Please guys stop over prop drilling 💀 #react #nextjs

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